Oh No....

As the shock and disbelief subsides the enormity of the last few days is starting to sink in. Britain leaving the EU is going to have a profound and long lasting effect not only on my generation but on that of my children and of theirs. 

I am already acutely aware of the effect this will have on businesses, especially small ones. For us, this is going to be a testing time. I have marveled at the fact a start up business can develop global relationships and it is something I felt very proud of. From my studio in Devon we have forged relationships with businesses in the US, China and India and we sell all over the world. 

This new period of uncertainty has sent the pound plummeting and left my business and many others like me vulnerable.

We now though, need to pull together, support one another, refocus and make plans to move forward. 

The coming months, maybe years will be tough but I am hoping we can be more focused, seek out new markets and in the long run become stronger. 

My European friends, customers and colleagues. I did not vote in support of this but must now work with it. I hope we will continue to receive your support and custom.  

Thank you 


How did we get here?


I’ll let you into a little secret. I recently celebrated my 40th Birthday! Does it unsettle me? Make me feel old? Insight panic? No, none of these things. I have though found I am in a reflective mood. I do look in the mirror and recognize that the wrinkles are a little bit deeper (or laughter lines as I like to convince myself) and the hours spent running don’t tone me in quite the same way but mostly what I am thinking about is how I ended up where I am today.


Looking back over the last, OMG 20 years (that is hard to write) I realize all the things that didn’t make sense, seemed like failures or a waste of time were actually the building blocks to something bigger.


I’ve had jobs I’ve loved and started many things I’ve never finished and over the years I have beaten myself up about this. Excitement at the beginning of a course, only for it to wane as the weeks went by. Then there were the excuses about why I couldn’t complete it! I know many of us have been there but for me it was a reoccurring theme. The bookkeeping course, the pottery course, the online interior design course, the career in buying halted by an unexpected pregnancy – they have all lead me to where I am today and given me the confidence to meet the demands of running my own business.


Mum of 3 kids, wife and owner of a jewellery and lifesetyle business. I’m happy with my lot and looking back, it all makes sense.


This is the era of female entrepreneur. My business network, which consists of a graphic designer, web designer, artists, phototrapher and other small business owners are all ladies (I think to think of us as girls). We are in our 40’s with a dedicated work ethic and we are successful (however you may classify that). This is our time and we have a huge a mount to offer. Can I dare say, life begins at 40?!


I’m definitely tougher, stronger and less affected by others opinions now I am, shall we say it, more mature! Xx

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