So the blog is's been a while! As you probably know writing a blog takes time and effort and as a business gets busier it's often the thing that gets forgotten. Since we last published a blog, we've got busier and it's got forgotten! 

I thought I'd start by writing about living in Devon. It's our inspiration everyday. We are lucky enough to live and work in Totnes and we love it. If you drive out of town in any direction you can see rolling hills. The moor is 20 minutes away and full of adventure - though we really need to up our game and start doing some wild camping or something else equally impressive rather than a quick walk and a pub lunch. The beach is in the other direction and our new sea glass range is inspired by the tiny bits of glass we've spent hours finding with our kids on Devon beaches. 

Right here in town we are so lucky to be surrounded by inspirational, creative, local businesses. From potters to caterers, yoga teachers to printers, everyone is happy to support each other. The feeling that comes from living and working in that community can't be described. They understand it all, from the feeling of achievement when you get it right to the sheer dog tiredness when you just need to finish one more thing before bed.  

So cheesy as it sounds and much as we hate the hashtag. #Devonlife really is our inspiration and we are grateful for it! Xx

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