Getting Christmassy


One & Eight Christmas decorations

Christmas is such a busy time of year for so many types of businesses and we are one of them. It's the same for loads of us, it all gets a bit crazy, from September! By December you always hope things will have calmed down a bit but it never quite works out like that. 

We create a new range each year that is ready in September and all our regular wholesale customers put in big orders, we normally pick up a few new customers around this time too. Then everyone is back for top up orders for the last minute buyers. Of course we have all our lovely online customers too. We all work super hard in the office and studio getting everything done. Added to that we all have families to plan for so it's a bit manic. We love it though and feel really satisfied when we get to the end of December. 

Right now we are in the very busy lead up faze so there is a ridiculous amount of cutting, moulding, making and packing going on. We wouldn't have it any other way!

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