Gold, Gold, Gold

The last few weeks have been all about gold!

gold porcelain dipped earring and necklace in bottle One & Eight

As we all know it always looks like everyone else is finding things easy and you are the only one finding it hard. It's always nice when people admit it isn't all plain sailing, so here goes....

The last 3 weeks for us have been crazy. We ran out of gold chains! Yep that's half our necklaces we weren't able to make. We used up every chain we could possibly find including the sample we ALWAYS keep so we can cross check it. We've had all these half orders sitting around the office so they were ready to go as soon as the chains arrived and we were beginning to panic. 

Finally, thank goodness, they arrived and we frantically made all our necklaces and had the craziest day packing the orders. The office was hilarious with boxes and trays everywhere. The bag we took to Post Office was huge. 

So thank you to all our stockists for putting up with the late orders and thank goodness we all get on so well in the office. We can see our desks again now!

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