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How your order gets to you

So this is what happens once you order a piece of our jewellery online. 

Before you order we are busy working on our porcelain. Our porcelain discs are all made in our studio and fired in our kiln. We make them in small batches, dying the clay first, rolling it out and cutting it into the right shape. These are fired in the kiln and if they have a transfer on they are re-fired. It's time consuming but we love the handmade feel of our jewellery. It's organic and tactile. 

We make our jewellery in small quantities, incorporating sterling silver or gold plating sterling silver with porcelain. 

porcelain stars made into handmade jewellery

Here's Tasha's desk as she's making up some grey porcelain stars on silver hoop earrings. 

When someone orders we pick the item off the shelves and package it up with loads of love and care! 

One and Eight Packaging

We love packaging so we love wrapping up the little bottles and packing them in boxes for our lovely customers. Then we are straight down to the post office which luckily for us is only down the road!

So order now and we'll start on it straight away! 

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