Oh No....

As the shock and disbelief subsides the enormity of the last few days is starting to sink in. Britain leaving the EU is going to have a profound and long lasting effect not only on my generation but on that of my children and of theirs. 

I am already acutely aware of the effect this will have on businesses, especially small ones. For us, this is going to be a testing time. I have marveled at the fact a start up business can develop global relationships and it is something I felt very proud of. From my studio in Devon we have forged relationships with businesses in the US, China and India and we sell all over the world. 

This new period of uncertainty has sent the pound plummeting and left my business and many others like me vulnerable.

We now though, need to pull together, support one another, refocus and make plans to move forward. 

The coming months, maybe years will be tough but I am hoping we can be more focused, seek out new markets and in the long run become stronger. 

My European friends, customers and colleagues. I did not vote in support of this but must now work with it. I hope we will continue to receive your support and custom.  

Thank you 


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