We've just shot our SS19 collection. Photographs are key to our business. We send a catalogue to stores so they can order, we update our website, we use them in social media, our shops use them in their social media. A lot rides on the photos!

photo shoot for One and Eight Jewellery

Jewellery is very tricky to shoot, especially ours as it's not big statement pieces but smaller more classic ones. We look around and find that other brands find that kind of jewellery difficult to shoot too. You end up with a lot of closeups of ears! Added to this getting a professional photographer is expensive so a lot rides on photoshoot day and we are all a bit stressed. However we feel that getting a photographer is really worth it. We've seen a huge increase in people using our imagery since we have had it done professionally - no surprise there really!

After a tense wait we got our photos back and can't believe we got so much done in one day. They aren't all perfect but there are lots we can use for the next season so it's time to get on with the catalogue now.

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