Picking Colours

In our first couple of years we used white porcelain with decoration in gold or silver and sometimes a little colour. It's funny how you can look back on the things you did early on and think "Eurgh!". Gold and Silver look great, they are still the basis of our range but some of those colours! How we've moved on! Now we pick a couple of colours each season that we feel will compliment each other. Darker tones tend to lend themselves to the winter and lighter ones to Spring/Summer. 

costal inspirations devon coastline beachIt's not hard to find colour inspiration living round here. Every trip to the beach brings up a hundred different blues and greens. Devon changes so much with the seasons so there is always something new to look at. 

However then comes the hard bit! We need to mix coloured clay then pop it in the kiln for 24 hours and wait for the result. There's a lot of trial and error and we record the number of grams of each colour used each time. The colours going into the kiln are so different from the ones that come out.

colour picking clayThese samples are about to go into the kiln. They are all light but will come out much darker. 

porcelain necklace One & Eight

Our midnight blue raindrop necklace is light blue the first time it goes in the kiln. 

We play around with shapes at the same time then eventually find shapes and colours that we love and build the collection around them. Anyway enough blogging, need to get on with S/S19!

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