Sample Sales

At One & Eight we have an office/studio where we work and a store room which we store/dump everything in. The store room is essential as bottles, the boxes we ship in and our clay all come in big boxes and we need somewhere to store them. It's unheated and mostly we just run in, grab what we need and run out again! However it's also the place where we put the couple of necklaces that are left at the end of the line, the earrings we made but decided they didn't go with the rest of the range and that kind of thing. These things mount up and last week we decided to run our first ever sample sale. 

Sample sale porcelain jewellery

I have to admit we were pretty nervous. We invited friends but kept it quite small, bought some sale and return fizz and anxiously waited for people to turn up. Well, it was a huge success! Our friends loved getting Christmas presents, we loved getting rid of somethings that had been in the storeroom for ages, but most of all it was a really lovely social evening. It was so nice to chat to everyone, in a relaxed environment. So you heard it here first - we'll be doing it again next year!

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