Thank you for supporting a small business

This week we are talking about supporting a small business. Before I worked for a small jewellery company, to be honest I didn't even think about it. I bought my birthday or Christmas presents from big stores without a second thought. Since working for a small business and living in a town full of them I now shop a lot more carefully.

Unlike big businesses we don't make huge profits whilst paying our workers the minimum wage or try to undercut our competition. We employ 5 local people and use local photographers, interior designers, printers and craftsman. We pay the living wage or above. We don't make much profit but what we do is put back into the business and the local economy. 

So at One & Eight we'd like to say thank you to everyone who has bought from us. I know it isn't always easy buying from small businesses as sometimes the big ones do such great deals so we really appreciate it. 

Shopping from One & Eight a small business

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