One & Eight Jewellery


Simply put, we make modern jewellery for today, tomorrow and every day.

We don’t follow trends.

We use the highest quality materials to craft understated jewellery for brilliant women – jewellery that is ageless, timeless and made to be loved

Seaglass Silver Hoop Earrings

Everyday beauty inspires our founder and designer Susie to create purposeful, contemporary and playful collections

She mixes geometric shapes and delicate lines with unexpected materials, textures and finishes, resulting in simple pieces that are infinitely wearable.

We’re proud of what we make and how we make it. Jewellery is crafted from diverse materials – not only the finest silver and gold but porcelain and sea glass.

Sustainably at One & Eight

We believe that being transparent is an important part of becoming more sustainable. Sharing knowledge about our business and how we make our jewellery gives you more power as a customer.

When you click on a product you will be able to see whether it is handmade in the UK by us or our partners. We will also indicate if the piece contains recycled silver as well as the packaging it uses.

Sustainability is a journey, we continuously review and assess our materials and processes.


Our jewellery is crafted using the best quality materials – fine and sterling silver, gold plated silver and filled gold.


Our brand is built on honest principles. It is part of everything we do, from the materials we source, manufacturing processes and fair prices.


We always strive to be mindful of the world around us and consider consumption, waste and ethical use of human resources. Our collections are made for a long life and our packaging is sustainable and reusable.


We believe in being transparent about our business practices, allowing our customers to make more informed choices.


Our jewellery is made by hand in our Devon studio or by our artisan partners. we take great care and attention to detail in every piece.

Made in the UK

Many of our collections are made by our small team of jewellers in our Devon studio. All our jewellery is assembled here too.

Recycled Silver

Produced by transforming silver from unwanted jewellery, scrap silver or other metal, sterling silver is extracted, melted down and beautifully transformed into shiny new silver pieces.

Plastic free

Our packaging is 100% plastic free. We are also working on initiatives to pass this down the supplier chain.

We want to make you feel good about you, or to be able to give a gift that make someone else feel special

 A beautiful piece of jewellery is just the ticket. Our stylish simple pieces make perfect presents.

Our beautiful packaging is designed and made with the same commitment to craft as our jewellery. Distinctive glass bottles and tins complement and showcase each piece, making gifting even easier. And they’re reusable and recyclable too.

Meet the women behind One & Eight

Run by women for women, our all-female team are an awesome strength of creativity, drive and passion. We value authenticity, collaboration & trust with the confidence to do it ‘our way’.

Our flexible working practices allow all members of our team to fit their work around their lives.

Founder and Director
Wholesale Manager

Our jewellery is for women of all ages

The simplicity & timeless nature of all our pieces ensure there is something for everyone.

Our commitment to you

Team favourites

We each have our own unique style and different go to pieces. Here’s a selection to give you inspiration.

Gold minimal Maya earrings on a white background

Gold Maya Earrings

Amazonite Crystal Gold Hoop Earrings

Amazonite Crystal Gold Hoop Earrings

2445 Gold Wren Necklace Product High Res 1

Gold Wren Necklace

Surf Rider Glass Bead Drop Earrings on white background

Surf Rider Glass Bead Drop Earrings

Silver Stella Star Necklace

Silver Stella Star Necklace

2496 Silver Larissa Hoop Necklace 1-OneAndEight

Silver Larissa Hoop Necklace

Multi-coloured beaded Chakra hoop earrings on a white background

Chakra Beaded Hoop Earrings

Gold Heart Amor Necklace on a white background

Gold Heart Amor Necklace


Smokey-Quartz Cord Necklace

The where

You'll find us in our studio on the rivers edge

Our One & Eight studio and workshop is based in the picturesque town of Totnes, nestled in the rolling hills of Devon. The beautiful river and coastal surroundings provide founder and designer Susie with inspiration for her collections.

Gold Rimini Hoop Necklace worn with Gold Nova Earrings

In the press

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